Shale gas extraction to begin in South England

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The Energy Minister says fracking will begin “right across the south”.

Shale Gas

A study will soon be published, declaring that fracking for shale gas poses no danger of contaminating water in the UK, the Energy Minister Michael Fallon has said.

Places such as Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex could become bases for shale gas extraction sites.

Mr Fallon is set to try to allay public fears about shale gas in the coming months.

“There are genuine concerns, but there are also myths and we are tackling them” he said.

He note that the UK situation is not quite the same as the US, where shale gas extraction has slashed gas prices by two thirds: “There are differences, but the potential is there and we should check it out.”

Shale gas has been a serious political issue, especially as energy prices have risen in recent years. It does seem that public opinion is changing however.

David Cameron wrote an article earlier in the year stating that shale gas was a debate he was “determined to win“.