Shell announces 54pc profits rise

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Oil giant Shell has announced bumper profits from 2011, up 54pc from the previous year. The company’s formula for success is astonishingly simple – it sold oil at much higher prices, compensating for losses in its other businesses. Oil prices at an average of $109 per barrel, up from $88 per barrel the previous year, led to Shell to announce … Read More

Fracking for shale gas regulations sufficient

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A report published by the European Commission has declared that the current rules regarding fracking for shale gas are sufficient The controversial new method of extracting gas by hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of rocks deep below the Earth’s surface is already covered by existing water and drilling regulations, and no new rules are needed until the technology reaches a commercial scale, … Read More

The main problem with wind turbines

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32,000 new turbines are planned, but how many understand the major flaw with the UK’s most popular renewable energy source? It seems at first glance to be the perfect solution to an ever-growing problem. Like the sun, the wind never ‘runs out’, and each turbine we build in the UK provides a little bit more energy to meet our needs. … Read More

Rising gas prices push up energy bills

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Wholesale natural gas prices are 40 per cent higher than they were this time last year. Despite criticism that green taxes and subsidies are pushing up energy prices, Ofgem remain certain that it is rising wholesale electricity prices that are to blame. An Ofgem report stated that wholesale gas is now 40% costlier than it was at this time last … Read More

Fracking caused 50 earthquakes – report

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Cuadrilla Resources, the company responsible for drilling for shale gas underneath Blackpool, has released the findings of an independent report it commissioned earlier this year. On April 1, a tremor reaching 2.3 on the richter scale was recorded, followed by another of around 1.4 on May 27th after drilling at the Preese Hall-1 well in Lancashire. The company has even … Read More

‘Keep switching’, says Huhne at Energy summit

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The UK has “relatively good electricity and gas prices”, the Energy Secretary said at the Energy Summit held on 17 October 2011. Mr Huhne said on Radio 4’s Today programme, that energy companies were “not the Salvation Army”. He added “We expect them to earn respectable returns for their shareholders but they need to be operating in a fair and … Read More

Weightman report: nuclear power is safe

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The final report by Mike Weightman commissioned after the Fukushima disaster in Japan confirms “no fundamental weaknesses” in the UK’s nuclear licensing program. The report makes 38 recommendations of lessons learned from Fukushima, but stresses that is that nuclear power is safer than it has ever been. The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has said “operators should continue … Read More