EDF announce smallest price rise of Big Six

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The french-owned energy giant is only raising prices by an average of 3.9%, less than half that of other major suppliers. The increase will come into force from January 3, and looks like a serious attempt by the firm to actually compete with rivals. The move will affect 2.4 million households, but EDF has warned that green levies must be … Read More

Is public opinion on shale gas changing?

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Shale gas is an environmental and political hot potato. This article studies how the country’s feelings towards shale gas have evolved. It’s probably the hottest topic in energy at the moment – ‘fracking’ for shale gas. As with any new source of energy, it has drawn protests from hard left groups at exploratory drilling sites and the HQ of energy … Read More

Labour slams Big Six profits

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Figures released by the Labour party last week show that the largest energy suppliers have notched up £3.3 billion in profits since the Conservative-led Coalition came into power. The combined profits of E.ON, EDF Energy, ScottishPower, British Gas, Scottish & Southern and Npower have gone up 73% in the last three years, according to Shadow Energy And Climate Change Secretary … Read More

New nuclear power stations planned

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Between 4 and 6 new nuclear power power stations will be built, creating 12,000 jobs during construction. The new plants will be built by Hitachi, bringing fresh competition to the UK nuclear programme. Hitachi Ltd acquired Horizon Nuclear Power, a joint venture set up by RWE Npower and E.ON in 2009, who later agreed to pull out of the nuclear … Read More

Fracking gets go-ahead in the UK

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An era of cheap, abundant gas could be on the way, as new report confirms risk of earthquakes and water contamination are minimal. In what could be the most significant step in Britain’s energy security since the widespread exploitation of North Sea oil, hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’ has been deemed safe in a new report produced in joint by the … Read More

David Cameron: wind farms ”over subsidised”

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In his most vociferous criticism of green energy yet, the Prime Minister has declared that wind farms have been “over subsidised and wasteful of public money”. Mr. Cameron plans to cut the subsidies for wind turbine construction, forcing them to be built in an economically viable way. He said during the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions “We’re cutting the subsidy to … Read More