Budget 2012: New carbon taxes for businesses?

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In the budget today, the Chancellor George Osborne announced plans for a new “alternative environmental tax”, as a result of reforming or scrapping the Carbon Reduction Commitment. The Carbon Reduction Commitment, also known as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, is designed to reduce the energy consumptions of the largest businesses in the UK, by placing them in a league table … Read More

North Sea oil leak “substantial” says DECC

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Shell gas has announced a ruptured pipeline has spilt a substantial amount of oil into the North Sea The spill, coming from the pipeline leading to the Gannet Alpha oil platform 113 miles (180 km) off Aberdeen, is said to have been releasing oil into the North Sea since last week. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) said: … Read More

Centrica warns of price rises

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British Gas owner Centrica has released a statement warning of higher energy prices for its customers. Centrica specifies the forward wholesale gas prices for the coming winter, which are 25% higher than the prices from last winter, as the main reason for the probable price rises. Centrica said in the statement that the earthquake and nuclear crisis in Japan, coupled … Read More

Chris Huhne defends North Sea tax

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Energy secretary Chris Huhne has spoken against concerns that North Sea taxes will jeopardise the UK’s energy security and cost jobs Chris Huhne faced fellow MPs yesterday regarding the taxes on North Sea oil and gas companies, put into place by George Osborne’s recent budget . Huhne argued that the impact on jobs and and investment would only be “marginal”. … Read More