Smart Meters in UK Homes by 2020

mattEnergy Efficiency

The Government has unveiled plans for Smart meters to be installed in every home in Britain by 2020.

The Government plans, which aim to reduce carbon emissions by more than a third, aim to install a smart meter in every one of Britain’s 26 million homes.

They expect this move to to reduce energy consumption and boost efficiency, by allowing homeowners to track exactly how much electricity and gas they are using.

The scheme aims to install smart meters in 2.6 million homes every year for a decade, a task that is expected to cost about £7 billion – £9 billion.

Analytics software will allow homeowners to obtain real time consumption and cost information, which will help to reduce both emissions and the amount they are spending on electricity and gas.

The Smart network will also change the way that the suppliers operate drastically. There will be no need for estimated bills due to the accuracy of the data the smart meter collects. This is beneficial for the customer who will no longer have the risk of overpayments due to an estimated charge. There will also be no more waiting at home for the meter reader to come, and suppliers will no longer have to employ them.

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