Credit Score Assistance

We can negotiate special terms and contracts for businesses with low or no credit score

We have helped many successful companies overcome issues with energy suppliers in recent years, whether it be bad credit, issues with estimated bills, or in some rare cases, suppliers not even billing the customer!

Bad Credit Scores

If you have had any issues with energy suppliers relating to your company’s credit rating, we may be able to help.

Since the economic climate has worsened in Britain, all energy suppliers are being more careful about who they take on as customers. They are essentially worried about taking on any business that may be struggling financially, and subsequently not pay for the energy they have used.

Energy suppliers may:

  • Ask for a parent company guarantee
  • Insist you pay by Direct Debit
  • Ask for a ‘security deposit’ upfront – this can be up to 50% of your estimated annual spend
  • Refuse to take you on as a customer

Bad credit can be caused by reasons unknown to the company in question, and often a small problem can snowball into an even larger one, increasing problems caused in the future.

No Credit Score

If your business is new or you have started a new company, credit scoring services such as Experian and Equifax may not even hold a score for you, making it impossible to get the best rates from the majority of energy suppliers.

Even if your business has a parent company with a good credit history, your new business may suffer.

These issues can often be remedied by addressing the bills to the parent company instead of multiple child companies, or paying a security deposit upfront as a guarantee of payment. This will allow you to build a good credit score in the new company name so that next time you don’t have to pay a security deposit and have access to be best energy prices possible.

Get in touch to discuss the various options for your business now.

In A Nutshell

We can often negotiate special terms and contracts for businesses being refused credit and we can assist with supplier-related dispute resolution.

Common problems include:

  • Suppliers requesting security deposits due to low credit rating or similar.
  • Disputes over payments with your current supplier.
  • Disputes due to not being billed at all by your supplier.