Climate Change Levy

The carbon tax designed to help increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon emissions of UK businesses

What is the Climate Change Levy?

The Climate Change Levy (CCL) was introduced after the Kyoto Summit on Climate Change in 1997. The UK government set high targets for the amount of energy to be generated from renewable energy sources in the future, and the levy was introduced to fund investment in cleaner, greener energy.

Since 2001 all businesses in the UK have been subject to the Climate Change Levy. It is essentially a carbon tax that, when it was introduced, added around 15% to the energy bills of all businesses and public sector organisations. Since then however, that 15% figure has risen significantly...

Climate Change Levy Rates

The rates of the Climate Change Levy have traditionally only risen with inflation, but that changed in 2019, when it was hiked by 45%!

It is charged at a flat rate on every kilowatt-hour (kWh) or kilogram (kg) of energy or commodity used.

Current Rates (from 1 April 2022):

  • Electricity – 0.775p/kWh
  • Natural Gas – 0.568p/kWh
  • LPG – 2.175p/kg
  • Any Other (Coal/lignite) – 4.449p/kg

In 2023, rates will increase even further - even more reason to secure a Climate Change Agreement if your business is eligible.

2023 Rates (from 1 April 2023):

  • Electricity – 0.775p/kWh
  • Natural Gas – 0.672p/kWh
  • LPG – 2.175p/kg
  • Any Other (Coal/lignite) – 5.258p/kg

How is the CCL collected?

The amount appears on your energy bills, as it collected by the electricity and gas suppliers on behalf of HM Customs & Excise. It should appear on your bill above the VAT line, and is also VAT chargeable.

Exceptions and discounts

Charities and non-business users are all ineligible for the levy. It is purely a business tax. Some businesses may be able to negotiate discounts and/or exemption through a Climate Change Agreement (CCA) or Levy Exemption Certificate (LEC).

CCL In Summary

  • The Climate Change Levy is a carbon tax that all businesses must pay
  • CCL Rates are currently 0.775p/kWh for electricity and 0.568p/kWh for natural gas
  • It is collected automatically by your business energy supplier(s) on behalf of HMRC
  • Charities are exempt
  • Discounts of 77%-92% are available for businesses holding a valid CCA (Climate Change Agreement) [Link]

Climate Change Agreements (CCA)

The government initially established the 10 most energy intensive sectors, to which discounts on the Climate Change Levy of up to 65% could be negotiated providing they reach pre-agreed targets of CO2 reduction. This has now been increased to 50 energy intensive sectors, and discounts are up to 92% of the total cost. [Link]

The list of energy intensive sectors can be found here on the Environment Agency Website, along with more information on Climate Change Agreements and the Climate Change Levy.

Levy Exemption Certificates (LEC)

If your business buys renewable energy or implements other energy saving measures such as Combined Heat & Power systems, you may be eligible for a Levy Exemption Certificate.

This can be provided to HM Customs & Excise as proof of carbon-neutral energy consumption. More information can be found on the Ofgem page on Renewables Exemption here.