Smart Meters

Eliminate estimated bills and get access to real-time energy data

With an electricity or gas contract inclusive of smart metering your business can benefit from competitive prices and accurate cost control.

Smart meter technology can save your business time and money, and lessen the impact your business has on the environment.

How Smart Metering Works

  • Every day your meter sends an accurate reading via a communication link
  • The data is converted into usage information – units of energy and price, and CO2 emissions
  • This information is made available to you online
  • You can then view your bill and usage information online

Online profile of your energy usage

  • Usage information is shown in pence per kWh and in units of energy used
  • Online half hourly consumption values for electricity
  • Easy to understand graphs and tables
  • Eliminate estimated bills

    No more overcharging and enabling energy costs to be budgeted accurately

  • View usage data

    Instant online access to usage and billing information

  • Cut out wastage

    Reduce your monthly bill by monitoring your usage patterns

Automated Meter Reading

Investing in Smart Metering with Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Technology provides the benefits of consistently accurate and timely billing, on-line half hourly consumption values, historical customer profiles (daily and monthly) and alternative tariffs not available from the traditional suppliers.

Energy Efficiency

Utilities Savings aims to provide customers with practical advice on how to use their energy more efficiently, in combination with Smart Metering to provide customers with a much greater opportunity to reduce energy usage which in turn will reduce costs and carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

Innovative billing

For too long energy suppliers have maintained poor billing standards creating a massive grey area for its customers.

In 2005 Energywatch (now Consumer Direct) submitted a complaint to Ofgem making the case that poor and inaccurate billing represented a market-wide failure to the detriment of customers. This is because the vast majority of complaints received by Energywatch are billing related – late, inaccurate and estimated billing can cause serious financial issues for businesses and homes alike.

It’s a regular occurrence whereby customers are not clear on their energy charges and usage, this can result in overcharging and unexpected costs.