Half-Hourly Electricity

We are experts in obtaining quotations for half-hourly and high-usage electricity supplies

About This Service

We offer half hourly electricity cost-control and consultancy services for large business electricity users – the perfect solution for any enterprise with half hourly metering.

We display all quotes on a like-for-like basis with no hidden costs.

We offer simple half hourly energy procurement services for those who just want to be assured they are on good half hourly tariff, but also include a range of energy management services too.

Save time searching the market

Don’t waste your valuable time dealing with many energy suppliers yourself. Let us deal with them all on your behalf.

Save money on your renewal costs

Had a renewal offer? We can usually beat any renewal offer by at least 15%, and will also go to your current supplier to obtain a better renewal price.

Get help understanding your bills

If you have any questions regarding your supply or contract, we’re here to help. Give us a call now if you have any questions.

How It Works

Compare current prices from multiple business electricity suppliers using our free commercial electricity cost control and consultancy services.

  • We search the market

    We search the market and provide you with like-for-like quotations from up to 10 suppliers for periods of 1-4 years.

  • You make your decision

    We provide guidance and will advise on which contracts(s) to choose, but in the end the decision is always yours.

  • We send you the paperwork

    Usually this is done by email and can take only a few minutes.

  • You sign and return the contract to us

    Once signed, scan the document and email it back to us. We also accept contracts by fax and post.

  • We submit and monitor your transfer

    We deal with the supplier(s) on your behalf, so you don’t have to waste time dealing with them.

  • All done!

    That’s it until your contract is up for renewal.

Our Code Of Practice

Utilities Savings is committed to offering a reliable, ethical and honest service:

  • We will offer you the best prices that we can obtain
  • We will do our utmost to resolve any issues
  • We will tell you where our income comes from
  • We are registered with the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme operated by Ombudsman Services on behalf of Ofgem

What is a Half-Hourly Electricity Supply?

All electricity meters, including Half Hourly ones, have a particular profile that is defined by the amount of electricity they draw from the grid. The profile is the first two digits of your electricity supply number, or MPAN as they are often known.

Business profiles usually range from 03 all the way up to 08, with 03 generally using the least energy, and 08 using the most.

However, Half Hourly Meters are designed for commercial enterprises that have a peak load of +100kW (Over 100 kilo-watts), meaning they draw more power from the grid than any other meter profile.

Because of this they operate in a totally different way to regular electricity meters. Half Hourly Meters have a 00 profile, and never need to be read because they send your energy data electronically to the supplier every 30 minutes.

Do You Have A Half-Hourly Electricity Supply?

Determining if your electricity meter is half hourly is relatively simple.

Look for the ’00’ in the top left of the supply number on your bills:

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