New Connections

Use our expertise to project manage your requirements for new connections and upgraded energy supplies

Moving In To A New Premises?

Any company that has moved into newly constructed or refurbished premises will be familiar with the difficulties associated with arranging brand new supplies via the range of utility companies now working in the business gas and electricity market.

At each stage of construction a different utility company may need to be informed and any unforeseen delays in communicating between the parties concerned can have serious consequences to the scheduled date for occupation of the new premises.

At Utilities Savings we have access to industry professionals who will help to manage any new connections you have planned enabling your new sites to operate as soon as possible. We can also help with arranging supply upgrades/downgrades and simple business relocation utility management programmes.

If the project is particularly complicated we may make a small consultancy charge for this service with your prior agreement.

Key Benefits

  • Expert project management of complex and new supply requirements
  • Avoid unnecessary delays to premises occupation
  • Correct ‘Availability Charges’
  • Correct tariffs and supply types
  • Choice of suppliers for ‘contestable’ works
  • Choice of meter and operator
  • Choice of energy supplier contracts upon completion

In A Nutshell

We assist your organisation when moving into new premises or adding and removing meters.


  • We liaise with the network operator and supplier(s) for you
  • Enhanced communication
  • Get the right meter type installed – avoid excess/shortfall in kVa
  • Prevent delays when moving in