E.ON raises domestic prices

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German owned supplier E.ON UK has raised its domestic energy tariffs.

E.ON Logo

The new price tariffs are expected to affect around 4 million people, and will come into effect from 4 February.

RWE E.ON announced that its domestic customers will see a 9% increase in electricity prices, and a 3% rise in gas prices.

Like most other announcements of price rises this winter, rising wholesale energy costs have been cited as the reason.

The rise makes E.ON the fifth of the big six energy companies to raise prices in the last few months, with only EDF Energy committing to a price freeze.

However even EDF Energy’s price freeze is only until March, with a rise expected from EDF around then.

Ofgem is currently investigating the prices charged by energy suppliers, with results to be published around March. A review of the industry in 2008 found no evidence of anticompetitive behaviour.

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