MPs support UK shale gas drilling

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A committee of MPs has urged the government to allow drilling for shale gas

A commons committee said on Monday that there is no need for a moratorium on shale gas hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”.

Just two weeks ago France recommended freezing shale gas drilling permanently, based on environmental concerns about the fracking process.

The Energy and Climate Change Committee said on Monday that there is no evidence to prove that fracking is overly harmful to the environment.

The Committee also stated that with tight regulation and well implemented best practices that any environmental problems, such as excessive greenhouse gas emissions or pollution of water beds, can be avoided.

The French senate is set to decide next month whether to approve a permanent ban on shale gas drilling, due to concerns about water pollution.

The UK committee said that while there is not sufficient proof to impose a moratorium, further evidence must be continually collected and assessed.

Test shale gas drilling is currently underway in Lancashire. It is as yet unclear how much the UK’s energy supply could benefit from the new technology.