Full extent of shale gas reserves revealed

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Cuadrilla Resources estimates that up to 200 trillion cubic feet of gas lies underground near Blackpool.

Shale Gas

200 trillion cubic feet of gas could be 'fracked'

The company that halted the controversial ‘fracking’ process after a minor tremor near Blackpool earlier this year says that the resources found beneath the Northwest of England are extremely vast.

Hydraulic Fracturing, or ‘fracking’, is a process which is enabling companies to extract gas trapped inside layers of shale rock by injecting a special fluid into it at high pressure, which releases the gas for extraction.

Although the technique is not new, having been used to extend the life of gas wells for years, the use of it as a method of accessing previously untapped resources is an understandable bone of contention for many.

Concerns have been expressed about contamination of water supply from the fluid used, earthquakes being caused by the fracturing process, and the further use of hydrocarbons instead of renewable technology such as wind and solar power.

More certainly needs to be known about the process before it is adopted in any widespread fashion. Some people in the U.S. who live close to shale gas wells have been able to set their tap water on fire due to contamination.

Cuadrilla Resources however, are keen to stress that the technology is safe and could create thousands of highly skilled jobs across the UK. Cuadrilla CEO Mark Miller said “The way we do things is fundamentally different and the regulatory process is different.”