David Cameron: wind farms ”over subsidised”

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In his most vociferous criticism of green energy yet, the Prime Minister has declared that wind farms have been “over subsidised and wasteful of public money”.

David Cameron

“I think it has been over-subsidised and wasteful of public money"

Mr. Cameron plans to cut the subsidies for wind turbine construction, forcing them to be built in an economically viable way.

He said during the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions “We’re cutting the subsidy to onshore wind because I think it has been over-subsidised and wasteful of public money”.

This comes after the government tried to reduce the subsidy for solar Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) earlier this year, meaning people would no longer be paid four times the going rate for every unit of electricity they generate through their solar panels.

The government received a letter from over 100 (mostly conservative) MPs stating their disapproval of the construction of more and more wind turbines across the countryside, and the difficulty local residents have in objecting to them.

The Guardian has just published a report stating that there is now 3 times the number of people who object to a new wind farm being built near to them than there was in 2010.

The Prime Minister is due to have a meeting with the rebel MPs on Monday.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has pledged £10 million to help fight the construction of an offshore wind farm that would ruin the view from his new golf resort in Scotland.