Energy Bill 2012: Ed Davey sets out reforms

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Plans were outlined today for the future of Britain’s energy security, with nuclear, gas and renewables all to have essential roles in our energy mix in the coming decades.


The Department For Energy & Climate Change today released a draft of the long-awaited energy bill, with the three goals of “Keeping the lights on, consumers energy bills down and creating cleaner electricity to help tackle climate change”.

Energy Secretary Ed Davey discussed the need for Britain to solve its energy crisis – around 1/5th of our generating capacity is expected to come offline in the next 10 years, and demand for electricity is only expected to grow in that time.

Mr Davey said: “Leaving the electricity market as it is would not be in the national interest. If we don’t secure investment in our energy infrastructure, we could see the lights going out, consumers hit by spiralling energy prices and dangerous climate change.”

By reforming the market, we can ensure security of supply for the long-term, reduce the volatility of energy bills by reducing our reliance on imported gas and oil, and meet our climate change goals by largely decarbonising the power sector during the 2030s.

“These reforms will ensure we can keep the lights on, bills down and the air clean. The reforms will also be better for the economy, leaving us less vulnerable to rising global energy prices and supporting as many as 250,000 jobs in the energy sector.”

The reforms are designed to encourage a balanced portfolio of new nuclear power stations, gas with carbon capture and storage, and renewables like wind and solar.