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ScottishPower becomes fourth to raise prices

The energy giant is the fourth of the ‘Big Six’ energy providers to announce a price rise this winter.

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ScottishPower was fined £8.5 million for mis-selling. Days later it raised its prices by 8.6%.

It follows the announcements already made in recent weeks by by Scottish & Southern (SSE) and British Gas and Npower.

ScottishPower is to raise its domestic energy prices on December 6, with an average increase of 8.6%.

This news is particularly hard for some consumers to take, considering the company was fined £8.5 million just days earlier for misleading customers during telephone and doorstep sales.

Earlier this year, Ofgem handed out the biggest ever penalty to an energy supplier to SSE. They were fined £10.5 million for using similar tactics to mislead customers over an extended period.

Last Year

In past winters, we have seen similar price rises from the Big Six.

Electricity IncreaseGas IncreaseDate Effective
British Gas6%6%16 November
Scottish & Southern9%9%15 October
EDF Energy10.8%10.8%7 December
E.ON8.7%8.7%18 Jan
ScottishPower8.7%8.7%3 December
Npower9.1%8.8%26 November

2013 Energy Price Hikes by the Big Six

A summary of the rises announced so far this winter:

Electricity IncreaseGas IncreaseDate Effective
British Gas10.4%8.4%23 November
Scottish & Southern8.2%8.2%15 November
EDF Energy3.9%3.9%3 January
E.ON3.7%4.6%18 January
ScottishPower9%8.5%6 December
Npower9.3%11.1%1 December

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