China, India & the US still at loggerheads after a week at 2011 Durban Climate Conference

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Representatives from 194 countries around the world have been at COP17 in climate talks for the past week trying to get Kyoto II signed, but the US, China & India are barely even talking. With global carbon emissions higher than ever before, the UNFCCC is pushing hard for a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, but the two fastest growing economies … Read More

‘European super grid’ could cost £28 billion

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A new ‘super grid’ for electricity that connects Britain to mainland Europe is being tabled as the solution to balancing international supply and demand. The new system would use cables laid under the sea, making it easier to connect offshore wind farms to the grid, eliminating the need for pylons that run from the countryside to the coast. It would … Read More

Wind farms producing more electricity

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Record figures for energy generated from wind power in the UK. Thanks to Hurricane Irene, 7.2 per cent of our electricity was being produced by wind turbines on Tuesday 6th September at 11:58am. The latest reports from the British Wind Energy Association are understandably keen to talk up the renewable source of power, but other commentators have been more interested … Read More

Leaked letter says bills could increase 30%

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A letter from the Prime Minister’s Senior Policy Adviser suggests current energy policy could add 30% onto household energy bills. In a letter leaked to the Telegraph, from Prime Minister’s advisers Ben Moxham and Gila Sacks, there are claims 30% increases in household bills could be seen by 2020. Senior Policy Adviser Ben Moxham said claims by the Department of … Read More

Marubeni invests £200m in UK windfarm

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Marubeni Corp has become the first Asian company to invest in UK renewable energy. The Japanese conglomerate has invested £200m for a 49.9% share in a UK wind farm owned by Danish renewable firm Dong Energy. Marubeni‘s investment is in the Gunfleet Sands wind farm, located off the Essex coast. The wind farm began full operation last year and produces … Read More

Government invests £6.5m in green engineering

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The government has announced a £6.5m investment in the future of green engineering The programme will train students in the design of wind turbine blades, amongst other renewable energy initiatives. Business Secretary Vince Cable said the scheme will help to pay for 50 students to be trained in the most innovative future technologies.

Barclays launches farmers renewables fund

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Barclays Bank has launched a £100m renewable energy fund for farmers due to a surge in interest Barclays say research shows more than one third of UK farmers want to install renewable energy projects on their farmland, most of them within a year. Farmers hope to generate average returns of £25,000 pounds per year, Barclays said.

Waste and biomass plants get go ahead

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a waste conversion plant in Billingham and two new biomass power stations in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have been given the go ahead by the government. UK Energy Minister Charles Hendry announced the acceptance of the proposal from Drax, who owns the country’s largest coal-fired power station. The two plants are of 299MW capacity each, but the plans will reportedly be … Read More