New EU stress tests for nuclear plants

mattInternational, Utilities Market Regulation

EU Nuclear watchdogs have finalised continent-wide stress tests for all nuclear reactors following the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan All 143 of Europe’s nuclear reactors will undergo new stress tests devised by European nuclear watchdogs covering both natural and man made hazards. From 1 June, nuclear power plants will be tested for resilience to natural disasters like the earthquake and … Read More

Government ends funding to energy bodies

mattEnergy Efficiency, Utilities Market Regulation

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced that the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust (EST) will no longer receive government funding DECC’s annual Delivery Review published last week announced the ending of core funding to both the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust. The two government-backed bodies will no longer receive financial support from … Read More

Huhne announces 50% carbon reduction by 2025.

mattEnergy Efficiency, Utilities Market Regulation

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has committed the UK to halving carbon emissions by 2025, from 1990 levels. The Energy Secretary announced yesterday that ministers have accepted the Committee on Climate Change‘s proposal to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions by 50% by 2025 – the biggest commitment of any EU country so far. The secretary, briefing MPs on the 4th carbon … Read More

MPs say reforms are hiding nuclear subsidies

mattEnergy Efficiency, Utilities Market Regulation

A committee of MPs has said in a report released today that the planned reforms to the energy market are hiding subsidies for nuclear power The coalition government’s planned reforms of the energy industry are hiding subsidies for nuclear power, says the Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECCC). The committee claims these covert subsidies are betraying the previous promise that … Read More

Chris Huhne defends North Sea tax

mattUtilities Market Regulation, Wholesale Utilities Markets

Energy secretary Chris Huhne has spoken against concerns that North Sea taxes will jeopardise the UK’s energy security and cost jobs Chris Huhne faced fellow MPs yesterday regarding the taxes on North Sea oil and gas companies, put into place by George Osborne’s recent budget . Huhne argued that the impact on jobs and and investment would only be “marginal”. … Read More

New Ofgem 30-day rule in force

mattUtilities Market Regulation

Ofgem’s new rule requiring energy suppliers to notify their customers 30 days before any price changes is now active. The rule was a result of the regulator’s recent review into the energy industry. Ofgem’s rule is intended to create more transparency between supplier and consumer, Ofgem says.

CBI warns UK of green energy failure

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The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has warned that the UK is failing to attract low-carbon investment The CBI warned today that Britain is failing to attract enough the investment required to build a low-carbon energy infrastructure. They claim that the energy sector will require £150bn of private investment alone over the next 20 years, to replace the third of … Read More