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Tramadol hcl 50 mg tablet cost Rs. 500, but the same amount for dose of tramadol 100 mg tablet costs only around Rs. 120. The generic hcl tablet cost Rs. 65. These huge differences were because hcl has been in the market for a long time whereas tramadol remains in it because of its low cost factor. Thus, hcl is in the market because of its high price, while tramadol remains because of its low price factor. Therefore, when an individual purchases medicine for the first time, he has no assurance of getting the right product. There are several other reasons for the poor quality of hcl and tramadol which deserve further discussion. Rigorous quality testing procedures, like the MSDS (Material Safety Phentermine uk delivery Data Sheet) have a lot of benefits. They ensure that the person purchases only best products and that you get the lowest priced medicines tramadol 50 mg tab teva with highest quality. Unfortunately, the quality of hcl and tramadol pills is usually not as rigorously tested it should be. There are many cases of adulteration as one can see from the table that manufacturers are manufacturing hcl or tramadol pill under totally different forms and putting the types into same packets. When buying the drug, be very careful. You always buy tablets for oral use, but take the prescription version at home or in case your doctor prescribed only tablet form. Be very careful that the tablets have been made by the manufacturers that you are buying, and the label shows correct contents and dosages. There is absolutely none for tramadol tablets. If a pharmacist claims you can take tramadol in a tablet form, they are lying to you. Diluted form, especially if prescribed in large quantities, can be toxic and is more harmful than simply the active compounds in tablets themselves. fact, it may also destroy the active components that they contain. Therefore, be very careful when you buy tramadol tablets. They are all sold in concentrated form. When you buy them from your doctor's office, try to get the tablets with lowest possible dosage. Don't ask for the complete tablets at your pharmacist's. Only get the tablets with lowest dosage. If you are going to a pharmacy, always ask for the complete tablet. Even though some may say that this is for strength purposes, but it is not. They are using cheap hcl to dilute the tablet, which is in this case harmful. addition, the dilute form, which means a single use product, the tablets contain far larger amount of tramadol than that which they were manufactured for. A higher or smaller dosage has even worse effect on you. Therefore, dilute the concentration medication has. If you ask for dilute drug, be very careful not to ask for full tablets either. Be very cautious about the dosage they are given. If you get too much of a drug, you will get the dangerous effects of tramadol itself. If you are not a patient, can buy the pharmaceuticals through official government websites. Most of these websites also carry official coupons from the Drug Research and Manufacturers Institute(DMRI), the only official agency for manufacture of hcl and tramadol. Discounts are available all over the world for purchase through DMRI discounts centers. The official website of DMRI also has links to many private sales sites, where you can tramadol hcl 50 mg tablet 377 get the drugs at wholesale rates, as it seems. This article can go on longer, but I have spoken enough about the differences between hcl and tramadol to prove that the prescription hcl tablets is definitely not the same as generic hcl tablet.

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