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  • AMR
    Automated Meter Reading
  • BIS
    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • CBI
    Confederation of British Industry
  • CCC
    Committee on Climate Change
  • CCL
    Climate Change Levy
  • CMA
    Competition & Markets Authority
  • COP
    Code Of Practice
  • CRC
    Carbon Reduction Commitment
  • DECC
    Department of Energy and Climate Change
  • DNO
    Distribution Network Operator
  • ESOS
    Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme
  • FIT
    Feed-in Tariff
  • GEMA
    Gas and Electricity Markets Authority
  • GWPF
    Global Warming Policy Foundation
  • ISO
    International Organization for Standardization
  • MPAN
    Meter Point Administration Number
  • MPAS
    Meter Point Administration Service
  • MPAS
    Meter Point Administration Service
  • MPR
    Meter Point Reference
  • MSN
    Meter Serial Number
    Office of Gas and Electricity Markets
    Office of Water Services
  • ONR
    Office for Nuclear Regulation
  • REC
    Regional Electricity Company
  • TPI
    Third Party Intermediary
  • UIA
    Utilities Intermediaries Association
  • UNEP
    United Nations Environment Programme
    United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change