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Where can i buy xanax in canada that is as good snus or more safe? anon96674 Post 34 So I bought 20 packs of snus a few days ago only to find I would not be able to smoke or use it. The packets I ordered look like they were pulled straight out of a vending machine. Are they safe? What some choices to get a good snus in Canada? anon96651 Post 33 I have recently ordered the new Swedish Match Red Snus for the first time in 17 years. It came a couple days later but I found out it's not exactly the same as original and it's not strong. What should I do? anon92694 Post 32 I recently bought a 200 pack from Wal-mart over the internet and bought one that didn't seem right, it had no tobacco taste, then I opened it turned out was a tin of snus, so I knew it would not be a good snus, I took the whole package back but in the letter it stated that product was manufactured to the same standards as that of a snus brand "snus4u". The label clearly said "snus4u" (similar to snus name "snus" as in brand "snort") and it also listed the ingredients as "diethyl propionyl", "ethyl xanbolone" and "stearidyl oleate" which is "tobacco juice". I was not satisfied and when the next package arrived it had no label on it, so I didn't have any way of contacting management For sale phentermine hydrochloride 37.5 mg the company, but a couple days ago, I opened it and was indeed a tin of snus again, this time it had the same ingredients as original one, but the name of company was totally different and there were no signs "snus4u" or any other kind of information about the product. I don't know if this is because of a legal problem or that they just didn't put it on the label. I really don't want to pay the higher price for original one. I have no control over the legal situation and I don't know what to do. Is this even legal? What can I do? anon91399 Post 31 I was just a little curious since it was only for 10 bucks (so, my friends and I bought 20 pack). So now I'm wondering, what are the differences when buying snus in Canada. I would love to try it out, but I hate the taste of nicotine. Thank you in advance. anon92524 Post 30 I found this article online so I took a look at it and explained it. I would have been a little nervous because it was like snuff but with no nicotine and I would like to try it but I haven't gotten one yet. guess I am lucky. anon92362 Post 29 I would just like to let everyone know that Canada does not use tobacco in their snuses. It is completely tobacco free. You will not Best quality generic xanax see the word tobacco anywhere on snuses boxes. There are no tobacco based flavorings in the snus. They are just Sibutramine buy online australia plain snus with the same ingredients as snuses in the U.S. So buy xanax from canada if you come across one of these snus, you know for certain it is not snus. anon91567 Post 28 I was very confused upon finding a note on some box of snus with information that the product was manufactured in a way that mimics the traditional Swedish snus. Now that I understand the difference between snus and snuff, this.

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