Large Gas Users

Managing gas supplies is important for large commercial gas users, such as restaurants and hotels

About This Service

If your business is gas-intensive, then you are most likely looking to manage and control costs in an effective manner.

We can help you compare commercial gas suppliers, and have relationships with the ‘big six’ as well as companies that specialise in gas such as Gazprom and CNG. You will also get a range of energy management services to support you for the life of your contract when you sign through us.

Save time searching the market

Don’t waste your valuable time dealing with many energy suppliers yourself. Let us deal with them all on your behalf.

Save money on your renewal costs

Had a renewal offer? We can usually beat any renewal offer by at least 15%, and will also go to your current supplier to obtain a better renewal price.

Get help understanding your bills

If you have any questions regarding your supply or contract, we’re here to help. Give us a call now if you have any questions.

How It Works

Compare current prices from multiple business electricity suppliers using our free commercial electricity cost control and consultancy services.

  • We search the market

    We search the market and provide you with like-for-like quotations from up to 10 suppliers for periods of 1-4 years.

  • You make your decision

    We provide guidance and will advise on which contracts(s) to choose, but in the end the decision is always yours.

  • We send you the paperwork

    Usually this is done by email and can take only a few minutes.

  • You sign and return the contract to us

    Once signed, scan the document and email it back to us. We also accept contracts by fax and post.

  • We submit and monitor your transfer

    We deal with the supplier(s) on your behalf, so you don’t have to waste time dealing with them.

  • All done!

    That’s it until your contract is up for renewal.

Code Of Practice

Utilities Savings is committed to offering a reliable, ethical and honest service:

  • We will offer you the best prices that we can obtain
  • We will do our utmost to resolve any issues
  • We will tell you where our income comes from

Gas Suppliers We Work With

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  • Free energy advice and quotations
  • Help dealing with energy suppliers
  • We do the paperwork
  • We help if anything goes wrong
  • No hard sell
  • We’ll never sell your info