Full extent of shale gas reserves revealed

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Cuadrilla Resources estimates that up to 200 trillion cubic feet of gas lies underground near Blackpool. The company that halted the controversial ‘fracking’ process after a minor tremor near Blackpool earlier this year says that the resources found beneath the Northwest of England are extremely vast. Hydraulic Fracturing, or ‘fracking’, is a process which is enabling companies to extract gas … Read More

Waste and biomass plants get go ahead

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a waste conversion plant in Billingham and two new biomass power stations in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have been given the go ahead by the government. UK Energy Minister Charles Hendry announced the acceptance of the proposal from Drax, who owns the country’s largest coal-fired power station. The two plants are of 299MW capacity each, but the plans will reportedly be … Read More

Centrica warns of price rises

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British Gas owner Centrica has released a statement warning of higher energy prices for its customers. Centrica specifies the forward wholesale gas prices for the coming winter, which are 25% higher than the prices from last winter, as the main reason for the probable price rises. Centrica said in the statement that the earthquake and nuclear crisis in Japan, coupled … Read More

Chris Huhne defends North Sea tax

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Energy secretary Chris Huhne has spoken against concerns that North Sea taxes will jeopardise the UK’s energy security and cost jobs Chris Huhne faced fellow MPs yesterday regarding the taxes on North Sea oil and gas companies, put into place by George Osborne’s recent budget . Huhne argued that the impact on jobs and and investment would only be “marginal”. … Read More

UK Coal reports third year of losses

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The UK’s biggest coal producer has reported a third consecutive year of losses Doncaster based company UK Coal has reported a losses for a third year running, the last two of which have seen losses of over £100m. UK Coal has three deep mines in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and the West Midlands.