Is public opinion on shale gas changing?

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Shale gas is an environmental and political hot potato. This article studies how the country’s feelings towards shale gas have evolved. It’s probably the hottest topic in energy at the moment – ‘fracking’ for shale gas. As with any new source of energy, it has drawn protests from hard left groups at exploratory drilling sites and the HQ of energy … Read More

Japan extracts ‘frozen gas’ from seabed

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The island nation has become the first country to extract natural gas from methane hydrates frozen underneath the sea. New technology could lead to the gas being commercially extracted in the coming years – as the technology improves and it costs less to extract. Although frozen gas is currently very expensive compared to other methods of extraction, it might be … Read More

2013 budget announces shale gas tax breaks

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Tax breaks for shale gas companies, and Climate Change Levy Exemption for ceramics companies were announced in the 2013 budget. The Chancellor George Osborne today unveiled his 2013 budget, which he said would help “those who want to work hard & get on”. But there was no sign of the new, simpler ‘carbon tax’ that we thought might possibly replace … Read More

FiT charges to inflate business electricity bills

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Due to the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) costing more than expected, all companies that pay a business electricity bill could face extra charges. Since the 1st April, any household or business that generates their own renewable energy receives a subsidy for every unit of energy they produce. This subsidy is paid for through the bills of those who choose not to … Read More

A 2013 UK Shale Gas Revolution? Unlikely.

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Natural gas prices in the US have dropped by almost two thirds since they started ‘fracking’ for shale gas. Could we see a similar boost to the UK economy any time soon? Shale Gas – probably the only hope we have of producing a significant amount of useful, home-grown energy in the next decade or two. Some say it is … Read More

New nuclear power stations planned

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Between 4 and 6 new nuclear power power stations will be built, creating 12,000 jobs during construction. The new plants will be built by Hitachi, bringing fresh competition to the UK nuclear programme. Hitachi Ltd acquired Horizon Nuclear Power, a joint venture set up by RWE Npower and E.ON in 2009, who later agreed to pull out of the nuclear … Read More

Business worried about keeping the lights on

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A new report produced by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has revealed a lack of confidence in Britain’s infrastructure, compared to our European counterparts. The CBI/KPMG Infrastructure Survey 2012 provides a business-wide assessment of the state of the UK’s economic infrastructure networks. The survey underlines the critical role that infrastructure plays in making the UK an attractive place to … Read More

Fracking gets go-ahead in the UK

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An era of cheap, abundant gas could be on the way, as new report confirms risk of earthquakes and water contamination are minimal. In what could be the most significant step in Britain’s energy security since the widespread exploitation of North Sea oil, hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’ has been deemed safe in a new report produced in joint by the … Read More

Shell announces 54pc profits rise

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Oil giant Shell has announced bumper profits from 2011, up 54pc from the previous year. The company’s formula for success is astonishingly simple – it sold oil at much higher prices, compensating for losses in its other businesses. Oil prices at an average of $109 per barrel, up from $88 per barrel the previous year, led to Shell to announce … Read More