Britain falls 10 places in green rankings

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The UK has fallen from third place to thirteenth place in the green investment rankings According to rankings published yesterday by The Pew Charitable Trust, Britain has significantly faltered in its push to be a major player in global renewable energy. Britain’s 13th place means the UK is behind developing nations such as Brazil (6th) and India (10th).

Renewable energy plans to be reviewed

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Energy Minister Charles Hendry has spoken out on issues surrounding renewable energy and wind power. The UK Energy minister has spoken about government plans for the nation’s energy mix, with some possible changes to its approach on wind power. Speaking at Westminster Hall last week Hendry stated his support of the offshore wind power and nuclear energy initiatives already put … Read More

Suppliers fined in new Ofgem action

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Scottish Hydro Electric and 2 other power grid firms have been fined by Ofgem. The three companies include two major players: Scottish Hydro-Electric Power Distribution (owned by SSE), Central Networks (owned by E.ON) and a third smaller firm, Electricity North West. The fines are for failure to connect customers to the national energy grid within the compulsory 3 month deadline.

Dash for gas expected in UK

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The Energy and Climate Change Committee has warned of another possible dash for gas in a report published last week. The parliamentary committee has targeted the UK coalition government’s National Policy Statements (NPSs), designed to speed up the planning process for energy projects. The report warns that the NPSs could in fact reduce investment in renewable and low carbon energy … Read More

Wave power scheme likely to be cut

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A £30 billion wave power scheme along the Severn estuary in Wales is set to be axed by the government. The wave power project was set to be the biggest in the world, and the loss will be a big blow to the Welsh economy. The Severn barrage was to span the Severn estuary between Wales and Somerset, however it … Read More

BT in Smart Meter Plan

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British Telecom launches a bid to be included in the Smart Meter roll-out The UK Government have set a target of rolling out smart meters – energy meters which will enable suppliers to take meter readings via a wireless network – to every home in the UK by 2020. This is a plan that is estimated to cost over £7 … Read More

Study suggests positive renewable future for UK

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Study shows renewable energy can fuel the UK and create thousands of jobs The first full economic valuation of the UK’s renewable energy sector has suggested that renewable energy could power the UK and create thousands of jobs. The report even suggests that by 2050 the UK could be exporting electricity. The study was carried out by the Offshore Valuation … Read More

E.ON unveils new wave power machine

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E.ON UK has launched the UK’s first wave power generator The Pelamis P2 wave power device is 180m long and weights 750 tonnes. It can generate 750kW of electricity. The device is a first step into marine energy for the UK, with this device being the first of its kind to be tested anywhere in the world. The device was … Read More

Bloom Box launched

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This week saw the launch of Bloom Energy’s new fuel cell technology, called the Bloom Box. The Bloom Box was launched this week at the eBay headquarters in California. The launch was attended by former secretary of state, Colin Powell, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California. The box is designed by a former Nasa scientist, and it uses fuel cells, … Read More