Ofgem drafts code of practice for TPIs

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The energy regulator has posted a first draft document outlining what rules and regulations could go into its Third-party intermediary (TPI) code of practice. The code, if it ever comes into existence, will aim to keep brokers acting in a way that is “fair, honest, appropriate and transparent”, the document states. We reported on this some weeks ago, when Ofgem … Read More

All of the Big Six end auto-rollover contracts

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None of the six major energy suppliers will continue to roll business customers into new contracts without their explicit consent. The “Big Six” all promised to stop the tactic, although they are essentially only pre-empting new rules being put in place by Ofgem, the energy regulator, as part of their ongoing Retail Market Review. We recently reported that three of … Read More

Ofgem plans to protect more businesses

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The energy regulator will protect 160,000 more businesses from sneaky supplier tactics from this summer. Ofgem are to put extra measures in place to stop electricity and gas companies from treating small and medium size businesses unfairly. Measures include plans for simpler, fairer business tariffs, an enforceable code of conduct for energy suppliers, and more time being given to switch … Read More

Ofgem staff pocket £1million in bonuses

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Figures show that the energy regulator has given some staff bonuses in excess of £20,000. Scandal? Fair? Or just a gravy train? The information was revealed after shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint submitted a written request in parliament. In summary: Two people received over £20,000 in 2010. 14 people received £10,000 in 2010 – 2011. 38 people received £5,000 in … Read More